What leggings make your bum look good?

You can choose any pair of leggings that will do the job when you need to go out or go for a run, but what if you wanted a pair that make your butt look good? Choosing leggings that give you an instant butt lifting look can be easy if you know what to keep an eye out for. There are things to look for in a pair of leggings that guarantee they'll accentuate your, ahem, assets.

What color leggings will do the trick?

If you're looking to draw attention to your booty, ditch the bright, neon colors. Sure, it sounds like the logical choice to wear those bright green tights to impress that cutie you pass on your morning run. But really, keep in mind that brightly colored leggings will give your body no room to hide. Leggings are already quite skin tight, but if you add bright colors to the mix, you may end up emphasizing parts of you that you’d rather not. Plus, brighter colors don’t hide have the same slimming effect that dark colors do.

With that in mind, try to keep your choices limited to dark colors. Black is always the best choice: the easiest to style, and flattering to almost all body types. Black has a slimming effect that will emphasize your curves while hiding any outlines or flab.

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Will leggings make your bum bigger?

You might be seeing popular celebrities on social media posting photos where their butts look great, and decide that you want that for yourself. However, you might not want or have time to do all the squats, the workout, and the stretches. With leggings and yoga pants, you don’t need to.

To get your butt to look bigger, you need to pick out high waist or high rise leggings, specifically the ones made with compression fabrics. High rise or high waisted leggings allow your body to mold into the leggings, accentuate your butt and make your legs look longer, giving you a more slender, sexy profile while making your booty look good. Pick the sculpting leggings- go for high waisted pairs.

You can also opt for tops that won’t cover your derriere. While the cardinal rule of leggings is to wear something that can hide your bottom, if you’re looking to make your butt look great, then you should, of course, run in the opposite direction of that rule.

Choose a crop top or a tiny shirt or tank that can show off your butt best. Don’t waste your leggings butt lift by hiding them! Remember; the shorter your shirt, the better you can show off your booty.

What are the most flattering leggings?

If you want your leggings to work for you, consider choosing styles that are skin tight and made of spandex, Lycra, or compression fabric. Don’t go for cotton leggings: softer, looser material can make you look frumpy with looser tops. For the best butt look, consider the size of the leggings too: not too tight, and not too tight. If you can, get your measurements done professionally. Having your exact measurements will help you pick the perfect butt lifting leggings that will flatter your body best.

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If you're a bit on the bolder side and want to go all the way for your bum, you might be looking for something like Lift Legging's products. These leggings have deliberate scrunching around the bum, meant to emphasize your figure and draw attention to them. The lines may be a little much for regular use and put you off, but if you want a fit that gives you the extra attention, then the Lift Legging are for you.

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You might remember these leggings going viral a while back for being made of recycled materials. Girlfriend's High Rise Leggings are perfect for flattering your butt just right, while also letting you feel right about making ethical choices. They're made to be cooler and lighter, so they can feel much cooler on your body and wick sweat away better, all while being the butt lifting leggings that you need them to be. Plus, Girlfriend High Rise Leggings come in three different colors, so you can choose whichever works best for you. You can look hot, and be environmentally responsible, what more could you want?